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[NLP] Natural Language Process

NLP is a way for computers to analyze, understand, and derive meaning from human language in a smart and useful way.

[ML] Machine Learning

Is the field in computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

[PR] Pattern Recognition

The ability to automatically spot and detect patterns and regularities in massives ammount of data, or images, videos...

Chatbot platforms

We create custom made chatbot solutions tailored to your business or project needs.
There are a wide variety of cases when a chatbot fits perfectly, from customer care, training and learning, travel and leisure, to governement and banking.

Sentiment analysis

Since we are able to analyze live feed or static data, we can detect and tag the actual mood behind that particular phrase, this provides an incredible powerful way to know what are your customers or users feeling, and telling about you or your product.

Insightful biz intelligence

The step beyond the "regular" biz intelligence is to have the ability to, not only create metrics but to detect patterns that are totally impossible to detect using the common approach.
Mixing NLP, ML and PR you can process a massive ammount of data and find valuable and actionable information.


Find here the most common questions

  • Are you guys able to make a chatbot from scratch for my company?

    Absolutely! We have in place a solid setup of tools to modelate and create that chatbot you need. You can integrate that chatbot directly to your website, or even better, we can plug it into the most well known platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Kik, Line, Telegram or even Twitter.

  • I'm about to launch this massive marketing campaign, can you track it online?

    Indeed, we can set up several solutions in order to keep track on what the people is telling about your campaign or your product. Using our Sentiment Analysis kit we are able to tell you in real time, how that marketing action is going on.

  • I'm a big corporation with a massive ammount of historical data, can you detect patterns there?

    The more data you have, it drastically increases the posibility to find some hidden pattern, and to extract some actionable and solid data from it.
    Bottom line, yes.. this is basically what we do, we process big data that will be took an impossible ammount of time for a humang being (or a lot of them), and we spot the intelligence you need to take solid decisions.

  • In what lenguages are you able to process data?

    So far, our solutions are focused in the English, Spanish and French, but we are sure that we will add more in the future.

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The first contact with a project is always exciting, this spark, this initial approach will set the course of action, and we love action. We totally engage at this initial stage, making us all with the needs.


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